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  1. 6We love Pho Thong. We have takeaway - ready in 10 minutes. And we go for meals - also really quick service. It's not the most atmospheric of restaurants but that's not why you go - it's the delicious food and reasonable prices. Not every dish is spot on but they are mostly very authentic (have spent 2 months in Thailand). Our next visit will be next Friday with my partner and all our parents - if it's good enough to take the parents to then that says a lot! It's very convenient for pre-theatre dinner and this is where the quick service is particularly helpful as plays at The George Lawton Hall opposite start at 7.30pm. I know if we arrive at 6.30pm we'll still manage to have a quick 2-course meal. So next week we're having a quick bite to eat then walking across the road to the George Lawton Hall to watch the hilarious play, Bouncers. Should be a good night out. I'll report back if it's not!!

  2. 7Guest 16th Jun 2010
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  3. 8Will return with more friends

  1. 9Great people, great service and great food... What more can be said?

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  3. 11I've eaten here more than any other restaurant and I've never come away disappointed. I've eaten Thai food all over the world and this compares with the best of them. Highly recommended :o)

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  5. 13Guest 6th Mar 2010
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  6. 14Have been here 20+ times. Not plush, but friendly and efficient service and food is always of high quality and excellent value for money.

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  8. 16Guest 2nd Feb 2010
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  9. 17value for money, great food and fab service

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  11. 19Guest 30th Dec 2009
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  12. 20Very, Very baffled by everyone giving this 5 stars and makes me wonder what peoples previous experiences of thai food has been (it's by far my favourite cuisine and I have had it throughout the UK and overseas). Don't get me wrong the food wasn't bad - it just wasn't any better than OK - if I were marking out of ten 6.5 would be as far as I'd go and that might be generous. The service was very good and it's a nice place with a nice family feel to it.

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  14. 22hippydog
    5th Oct 2009
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  15. 23I've had some fabulous times at this happy family run restaurant, over many years since it was opened. The happiness runs into the food which is wonderful, fair priced, and I could never find fault with anything. I have visited the busy streets of Bangkok, and the wonderful beaches of Thailand several times and without doubt Pho Thong really knows how to deliver authenticity with its ambiance, flavours and genuine hospitality...long may it as you say hello, I know you will ...

  1. 24Guest 31st Aug 2009
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  2. 25Pho-Thong, Mossley has real nice food , service and better value for money than one of the big ones down town that everyone raves about. No comparison in my eyes.

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  4. 27Guest 21st Aug 2009
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  5. 28We have been going to this thai restaurant for over 3 years now. I have tried most of the menu and it is absolutely excellent. It is my favourite restaurant in Manchester.

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  7. 30The food is fresh and authentic. Its the only place I would eat sea food with confidence.

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  9. 32The staff are very polite and welcoming

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  11. 34The food is well priced.

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  13. 36If i ever needed catering for a special occasion i would ask Pho-Thong restaurant.

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  2. 38Guest 6th Jun 2009
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  3. 39The food at Pho-Thong is fantastic. We have been going to Pho Thing for years...never had bad experience. This little gem is a "must try" !!!

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  2. 41AndreaG
    19th Apr 2006
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  3. 42We have been going to the Pho-Thong Thai restaurant in Mossley for over 2 years now, and we have always enjoyed the food. The staff as very friendly, and the service is always good. I have tried a range of dishes, and as yet, I have not found one that I do not like. We have also used their take-out service, and we would use it more if there was a delivery service.

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  6. 45CaptainMoz 9th Feb 2006
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  7. 46I have been going to the Pho Thong for over a year now and I haven't come across a Thai restaurant as authentic and as tasty as the Pho Thong. The service is always with a smile and make that extra bit of effort to make you feel welcome. The food is always 1st class and you always get the food fresh, with just the right amount of time between servings even when they are busy. I have never once had a bad meal and everything comes as you have ordered. Could recommend a better Thai to go to

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  2. 48babrahams
    20th Jun 2005
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  3. 49Friends of ours recommended Pho-Thong and we were pleasantly surprised. The food is authentic, the waitresses and staff are all Thai, and the food is out of this world. Everything is cooked to order, all fresh and has not been sitting around. They will accommodate your tastes - so if you like something really spicy and hot they are happy to do this, but similarly, if like me you like plenty of taste and a little less heat, again they are happy to cook to your requests. We have been several t ...



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